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Meet Dew Wellness: A kava supplement for stress, anxiety and sleep. We named the business (and the flagship product Dew Drops——we're geniuses), bottling the feeling of the product: Quietude, like before the world wakes up, when blades of grass bead with dew. After naming the business, we wrote the website and email copy——with all the "dew" puns, naturally.

Dew Wellness


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You work 24/7, checking your email before you get out of bed every morning and downing wine before you get into bed every night—because wine is cheaper than therapy, right?! If you’re anything like us, you know being overworked isn’t cute. The good news is kava can help you make like a monk without quitting your job and joining a monastery—mid-life crisis averted.


We get what 21st-century culture does to our stress levels and nervous systems (it’s not good). We’re expected to be connected 24/7, work evenings and weekends, answer emails like 911 calls, and never burn out. We can’t change your job, but we can change how you manage stress. Say hello to kava.




The voice

Ashley De Filippis

"Meet your brand's new best friend."

Morgan Jones

"Seriously gifted."

Ashley LaPrade

"Insanely talented with words."

Briana Masson

"A masterful writer."

Kristine Lee

"Artistry in every touch."

Jennifer Smith

"Part creative genius, part therapist."

Claire lee

"Blew my expectations away."

Amanda Sewell

"Worth every single penny."

You can't have a one-on-one sales pitch with every client who lands on your site at 3:00 a.m.——but your words can. We can help.

Let's make your words work for you